Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Therapy

The Treatment

This is a deluxe facial combining microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy. The microdermabrasion gently exfoliates the skin to leave it looking brighter. The oxygen feeds the skin with nutrients, leaving it looking hydrated and plumped up.

What does it do?

This is our “go to facial`’ as everyone looks fantastic after this treatment. The combination of the microdermabrasion and the oxygen is phenomenal! The dermabrasion brightens the skin and the oxygen provides the ultimate in skin rejuvenation by replenishing the oxygen we lose as we age. The oxygen serum contains active ingredients that help to restructure the skin.

Who for?

Lacking elasticity


The results are spectacular even after one treatment. The treatment with the serum visibly plumps out lines and wrinkles. Not only do you see immediate results, but the treatment continues to work long after your facial, stimulating cell regeneration for a firmer and more youthful look.



60 mins


From £170

*** Treatments can be enhanced with specialised masks such as the mini lift mask, Eye Rescue Mask or LED light therapy.

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