Smita London FAQs

Skin Peel FAQ

  • What is a skin peel?
  • What are the different levels of peels and their effects?
  • Which skin peels are used at Smita London?
  • What are the benefits of professional peels?
  • How do we prepare for a skin peel?

Retinol FAQ

  • What is Retinol?
  • How Retinol Functions in Skin
  • Which Retinol do we recommend at Smita London?

Growth Factors FAQS

  • What are Growth Factors?
  • Why do we need Growth Factors in our Skin care?
  • Do growth factors work?
  • Are growth factors used at Smita London?
  • Where do growth factors in skin care come from?
  • Do plants Growth Factors work on humans?