Liposomes – Do they actually work?

A study looking into the use of liposomes in skincare has shown that these ingredients may not work and are therefore not effective for anti-ageing purposes!!!
Liposomes are tiny, hollow, spherical, fatty bubbles like vesicles, made of the same material as a cell membrane. Because they are fatty and waxy they can trap a wide range of therapeutic ingredients and agents. Many beauty brands advertise that their products use LIPOSOMES to transport rejuvenating, anti-ageing and nourishing ingredients into the skin. However, research has shown that LIPOSOMES cannot penetrate the skin’s barrier without breaking it and so they cannot transport these wonderful ingredients deep into the skin. Vitamins such as Vitamin C and A are able to penetrate the skin much better even without the use of dermal rolling or injections. High quality products, such as Biodroga MD and Dr Schrammek, use cocktails of vitamins and peptides to penetrate the skin. They don’t need to rely on ingredients such as liposomes to do this.


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