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GREEN PEEL herbal peeling is one of the best known, and proven, methods of successfully treating skin conditions. It was invented by Christine Schrammek over 60 years ago!

Green Peels Help Improve Common Skin Conditions

It was developed to help people with skin problems such as blemishing and scarring to have a clear and healthy skin. Over the years dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek has further developed the GREEN PEEL to now improve ANY skin condition. The results of the GREEN PEEL for anti-ageing and pre-ageing are particularly impressive!!!


What Does Green Peel Do?

There is a variety of GREEN PEEL treatments which cater for different skin concerns and each has its owskin-peeling-after-and-beforen unique effect.

The peels are based on a mixture of selected herbs which contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins, amongst others. The herbal mixture is rubbed into the skin with a special technique of massage and pressure. Depending on the number of herbs used and the duration of the massage, the upper layer is either stimulated or completely renewed after a peeling process. The herbs play an essential role in the process. They improve blood circulation and thus the exchange of oxygen in the skin while stimulating the cell metabolism.


Is Green Peel Natural?

Yes. Unlike other peels, the GREEN PEEL uses herbs and does NOT contain synthetic abrasives or chemical substances. The peel contains NO harsh ingredients or acids. The peels are based on a mixture of selected herbs which contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins.


What Effect do the Herbs have?

During the massage, micro-particles in the herbs remove the top layers of the epidermis and stimulate cell regeneration. Cell regeneration means that the skin is renewed, the oxygen supply to the skin is improved, the blood circulates better and the metabolic functions are improved. The skin renews itself from inside out in a natural way.


Fresh Up Peel

The skin is not peeled but blood circulation is stimulated and the complexion is refreshed. This method is perfect as a quick beautifier for regeneration, vitality and anti-ageing.

Energy Peel

Provides tired skin with energy and is recommended to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. The skin slightly peels a few days after the treatment and the skin looks noticeably rejuvenated and fresher.

Mela White Peel

This peel promotes the reduction of hyper-pigmentation and stimulates cell regeneration. For those who have brown patches or acne scarring – this is the peel for you.

Classic Peel

During the herbal massage, the upper layers of the epidermis are removed, blood circulation is stimulated and oxygen supply as well as metabolism is increased. This reduces the usual time for skin renewal from 28 days to 5 days. A new, fresh skin appears after the peeling process.

Certainly, during this time the skin doesn’t look perfect, it feels dry and tight and looks dry due to the flaking skin. It is recommend that the treatment is planned before a social engagement but I PROMISE the short “downtime” is nothing compared to a CHEMICAL PEEL where is takes MUCH LONGER for the skin to heal and fully recover.

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