Green Peel – Energy


The Green Peel is similar to a chemical peel without the nasty chemicals! There are 4 peeling treatments that are individually tailored to suit your personal needs.The Green Peel – Energy is the 3rd deepest of the 4 peels.

The outer layer of dead skin is loosened as the herbal plant mixture is massaged into pores. Instead of a peeling, however, cell regeneration is stimulated. After 5- 7 days the skin will be visibly improved, clearer and younger.

A course of 5 treatments is recommended for a skin complaint, however as a monthly or one off treatment, the results are still very impressive.


An Energy peel treatment will include:

  • Cleansing
  • Skin Analysis
  • Black head removal
  • The Green Peel Treatment
  • Serum
  • Mask
  • Shoulder massage

It is less intense than the Energy + peel but the results are still fantastic. The skin feels like it has has a very strong exfoliation.

Who for?

The Energy treatment is very suitable for:

  • skin impurities
  • fine lines/wrinkles
  • dry skins
  • pigmetation
  • scarring
  • sun damage


NO CHEMICALS ARE USED!!! This is a fantastic skin booster — naturally!

The Green Peel treatment method is based exclusively on organic, natural plant ingredients for visibly renewed skin. The big bonus – the herbs continue to work for up to 2 weeks!

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