1. Wear sunscreen every day. You need to protect your skin from UVB (burning rays) and UVA (ageing rays). If its not sunny this doesn’t mean that there are no damaging rays. UVA ages the skin so a sunscreen will reduce signs of ageing, age spots and fine lines.

2. Change your skincare products. Products that work well in your twenties and thirties may not be suitable in your forties and fifties.

3. Exfoliate. It will make your skin look vibrant and glowing. It will also allow the products you are using to penetrate the skin rather than sit on the dead layers.

4. Use a SERUM – this is a must have product that works on skin concerns such as pigmentation, fine lines, dryness, sensitivity and wrinkles.

5. Vitamins, peptides, tri-peptides and hexi-peptides are fantastic antioxidants to use for the skin. Antioxidants combat free radical damage.

6. A cocktail of vitamins are far more effective than just one vitamin. So use a “cocktail” of vitamins on your skin.

7. Supplements for the skin are a must. Product isn’t enough, the skin needs to be supported from within.

8. Avoid too much sunbathing, wear sunscreen and a hat.

9. Get regular skin cancer check-ups.

10. Get a good facial AT LEAST once a month.