Think of your skin as a house. If you have the correct foundations, then you have a solid and sturdy home. If the foundations are weak then the entire house will collapse! If the bricks and mortar are not the correct consistency, or not laid properly, then the roof will weaken. If the roof is leaking or has holes in it then the house will get damaged.


This applies to your skin:

– The deeper layers of skin – the dermis – can be thought of as the foundations. Feed your body with the correct vitamins, minerals and nutrients the dermis will be healthy and strong.
– The epidermis is the upper layers of the skin and is your bricks and mortar. It needs to be cared for using the appropriate skincare to ensure the skin is being protected from free radical damage.
– The stratum corneum is the very top layer of skin which acts as the roof. This must be protected from UVA and UVB rays to ensure nothing damages the lower layers of the skin.

So, 3 things to remember………

  1. FEED THE SKIN (vitamins)
  2. CARE FOR THE SKIN (skincare)
  3. PROTECT THE SKIN (UV protection)