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GREEN PEEL herbal peeling is one of the best known, and proven, methods of successfully treating skin conditions. It was invented by Christine Schrammek over 60 years ago! It was developed to help people with skin problems such as blemishing and scarring to have a clear and healthy skin. Over the years dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek has [...]

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A study looking into the use of liposomes in skincare has shown that these ingredients may not work and are therefore not effective for anti-ageing purposes!!!

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Its the small negligence that comes back to haunt us sooner or later. You go out for lunch with a friend, enjoying the beautiful weather. You get back home, your skin suddenly starts to feel tight and a quick glance in the mirror shows that your skin has become irritated!! The slight reddening of your [...]


Vitamin C – L-Ascorbic Acid

VITAMIN C FOR OUR SKIN We all know that vitamin C is VITAL for a healthy immune system. However, few people realise that it’s very important for our skins. When we take it orally, very little reaches the skin. So applying vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) to the skin is 20 times more effective than oral [...]

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Smita’s Beauty Tips

Read some of Smita's best beauty and anti-ageing skin care tips that are easy for you to implement at home.

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Are free radicals all bad? Anti-oxidants explained

In my last blog, I discussed free radicals and free radical damage and, when the skin is exposed to the environment, our bodies create free radicals. The free radicals attack our healthy cells and damage the cell DNA. The free radical damage cause all sorts of illnesses such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, skin disorders [...]

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How to look after the most precious organ of your body – your skin

Think of your skin as a house. If you have the correct foundations, then you have a solid and sturdy home. If the foundations are weak then the entire house will collapse! If the bricks and mortar are not the correct consistency, or not laid properly, then the roof will weaken. If the roof is [...]

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